Thursday, July 9, 2015

AIR, part 2.

This set of photos will show items in and around Hubbell Trading Post.

Hopi yucca baskets

Navajo rug

Hopi sash weaving loom

Unfortunately, what you can't see is that these items are from 2 large rooms, full of rugs, baskets, and other gift items.  The ceiling of one room is covered with old baskets. (It was too dark for my camera to photograph.)  However, if you go back to part 1, there's a nice video/slideshow that has great photos.

Mr. Hubbell was an avid art collector.  The Hubbell home (ranger led tour) is covered with artwork, plus there is a separate building for items in storage that are being curated.  The home also has baskets all over the ceiling.

So what did I do for 2 weeks?  I did a lot of basketry, some spinning, and sightseeing.  I visited with people from all over the world, who stopped by to see the trading post and learn a bit about AZ history.

I drilled some holes through this piece of driftwood to make a tapestry woven leaf.  It has various yarns, jute, leaves, sedge, banana fiber, yucca, beargrass, Midwest sweetgrass, reed, and more woven into it.  It's about 2 1/2 feet across.  I donated this project to the trading post as part of my residency.
I experimented with spinning different plant fibers on my drop spindle.  L to R:  flax,banana, basswood, willow bark.
                         I did some knitting with the flax fiber, to make a net like structure
                                                            for my ceramic fish.

I found some yucca leaves and processed them for fiber.  Right now, the are retting in a pot of water in the sun.  I'll scrape the green stuff off in a few weeks, and have lovely white threads soon. 

I also spent about a week weaving a cedar bark salmon.  It's not done yet, but when it is, I'll get it posted.

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