Salmon Dance

Awhile ago, I was on a Salmon weaving journey.  Some are 3-d.  Most are mainly cedar bark, and around 2 to 2 1/2 feet long.

This one is plaited cedar bark, while the fins and head are coconut bark.
Plaited red cedar bark and copper

Plaited paper, outlined in paper cord

I had two sources of inspiration.  Most of it came from a slide program by Pat Courtney Gold.  She is a wonderful Wasco basket weaver and excellent speaker.  She gave a program through the Museum of Natural History at the University of OR.  She spoke about her culture, Lewis and Clark, baskets, salmon, and more.  The information that affected me the most was about the decline of salmon in the Columbia River.

The second source of inspiration is a book, First Fish, First People:  Salmon Tales of the Pacific Northwest.  I was struck by the continuity of salmon in the cultures of Pacific Rim people, especially the Ainu.  (The Ainu are the native people of northern Japan.)
I've made many more 3-d salmon.  As I find the photos, I'll add them on to this post.

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