Wednesday, July 15, 2015

AIR, part 3

While I was at Hubbell Trading Post, I did some sightseeing and had some visitors.
I visited Canyon de Chelley National Mon. three times.

I hiked to White House Ruins, and got to really experience the heat and altitude in this short (2.5 mile) hike.  Later in the week, a friend from Eugene came to visit with her family, and we went on a 1/2 day jeep tour.

                                        Bonnie and Matalie came to Window Rock to see me!
 On my way home, I camped at Natural Bridges N.M.  This is where I lived off and on for 5 years as a Grand Gulch ranger.  Also where I met my husband!
Natural Bridges is the first International Dark Sky Park, so you can imagine how clear and beautiful the sky is.

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