Monday, August 28, 2017

Micaceous Clay

I purchased a small Weber charcoal grill for a little experimenting with clay.  Thanks to the internet, there are instructions galore!  Here are 2 mini pots I made.  They are tiny because I didn't want to make larger items that might break during the firing.  The pieces below have been polished with  a smooth stone. 

Mini pot and stone polisher

After a week of drying, I loaded the grill with charcoal and cooked these guys for about 45 minutes.  Here's how they turned out, with more polishing. (They were only covered with more charcoal.)
This one turned completely black.  I wrapped it in 2 layers of aluminum foil.  I like how you can still see the mica flakes.     
I made this larger piece for coiling:
Then I took it to Georgie's in Eugene for the bisque fire.  Here's the finished item with additional polishing, coiled with Midwest sweetgrass.  The pottery is smooth to the touch and smells good, too!

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