Monday, September 1, 2014

Word Associations

On Saturday, I taught a basketry workshop at Bloom!  in Yachats.  It's the the Greenhouse Marketplace, just a bit north of town.  Next door, I have some baskets for sale at Touchstone Gallery  C'oc'o, one of the gallery cats, was celebrating her 12th birthday.  

C'oc'o reminded me of Madama Butterfly, from the Puccini opera.  Her real name is Ciocio san, which is pronounced cho cho, and is the Japanese word for butterfly. If you are a music lover, then you know the story of Madama Butterfly.  It's not a happy one, but here is Kiri Te Kanawa singing 'Un Bel Di Verdrimo.'

So naturally, I was thinking about butterflies.  When I got back home, I dug out 2 butterflies that I had made years ago.  One is beaded, and the other is woven with thread on cedar bark warps.  I decided to present them on folded bark baskets, and here are the results.
Birch bark pouch with cedar cordage
Cherry bark, with curly filbert twigs   This butterfly chart appeared on my FB page today.  Good timing!

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