Saturday, August 23, 2014

Blue Vase basket

 Around 2000, I made this basket in a workshop taught by Jiro Yonezawa.

I wish I knew the name of this base.  It starts out as as a hex weave.  There are 36 stakes.  The sides  start out as a 3-3 twill, and becomes a 2-2 twill.

I've been playing with handbuilding clay for awhile, off and on.  This summer, I made a vase using a rock as a mold.  I decided weave the same basket around it.  I don't have any bamboo, so I used some dyed cane. 
Here's the same base.  It's a lot looser than the original because I had to shape it around my irregular 'rock.'

 I did a 3-3 twill, and switched to 1-1 the top. I think turned out very nicely.  At my age, when you haven't made a similar basket in 14 years, you have a little bit of doubt in your mind when you are first starting.

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