Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Indigo play and paper weaving

A few years ago, my friend Susan let her indigo vat dry up.  This is some of the pigment residue from the bottom of the pot.  I kept a bag of it for experimentation.  I ground some up, and added water to make a paste for painting.  I also mixed some with soy milk.  The soy milk acts as a binder to fabric, so I thought maybe it would help on paper also.

The results are not as stunning as a fresh batch, but I was happy that it didn't go to waste. The paper below is for sumie.  I should be able to cut and spin it sometime in the future.

Porcelain spoons dipped in indigo, and wrapped with cane.

Porcelain 'sticks' dipped in indigo.  The weaving is abaca paper yarn that I spun with very fine wire.  The background paper has been dyed with indigo, also. 8.5"x11"

Micaceous clay spoons with weaving.

Bisque fired clay 'sticks' woven with Habu paper yarn.  The background is raw silk dyed with kakishibu, a Japanese persimmon dye.  The flower is a variation of my family crest.  It was stenciled with kakishibu and bengara ( red iron oxide).

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