Monday, August 8, 2016

Hypatia in the Woods plus starting a clamshell rattle

I spent the week in the woods near Shelton, WA, thanks to an artist and writing residency sponsored by Hypatia in the Woods.  As some of you may know, this was my second visit.  I would recommend this lovely retreat to all of you!

Here are a few photos-
a short walk to the beach

 a hidden spot of maidenhair fern

I prepped and wove a cedar bark wall hanging

and made these tiny clamshell rattles.  I love how the sedge is sometimes this yellow- green color.

On Sat., I taught a coiling with raffia workshop.  After 5 hours, we had a variety of sizes, shapes and patterns.

The following photos will get you started on your own little clamshell rattle.  Remember that each shell is different, so the number of stakes you start out with may not be exactly like these photos. 
 Clamshell with a little rock inside.
Twine 2 rows
Attach to the shell with a rubber band.
Weave another row.  

Then, I cut down the length of the stakes, which makes your weaving look a lot nicer.  Continue twining, changing materials, if you like. Or add some plaiting with a flat piece.  (This is yellow cedar bark.)  Finish off with the rim of your choice.   Send me a photo of your rattle!

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