Monday, May 23, 2016

Summer Happenings

"Chasing Paper"  Lake Oswego Festival of the Arts

July 15- cedar basket at Bloom! Yachats, OR. 
More info soon.


July 16-harvester's pouch at Bloom!  Yachats, OR.

 Aug. 18-speaker at the Columbia Basin Basketry Guild, Multnomah Arts Center, Portland, OR.
6:30 pm.

Aug. 20- rectangular cattail basket, Mt. Pisgah Arboretum, Eugene, OR.  Details soon.

Aug. 27- Garlic basket and Perigord Weave, Or. Supported Living Program, Eugene, OR.
details soon.

Sept.10- Weaving with invasive yellow water iris Seaside, Or.  More details soon. 
Look for:  Woven Cuff workshop at my house in Eugene.  Date not determined yet.  The one we make will be wider, and made of cane with cedar bark.

Another possibility is the stick wall hanging, using mostly local leaves, barks and twigs.  Again, at my house, in Eugene.  No date yet.

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