Friday, March 11, 2016

more paper

I've been playing around with different decorating ideas.  I used fabric markers on this one.  I've tried 'regular' markers before, but they tend to bleed if you are getting your paper wet for spinning.

Here's a piece of washi-calligraphy paper that I used sumie ink on.  You have to use a lot of ink for it to show.
Today I found two kinds of Japanese weaving with gold leaf om paper. One is actually a yarn, the other is slit paper as the weft, and not spun.
This website explains the process.

Saga nishiki is gold covered paper which is kept flat for the warp threads, and woven with silk weft.

I put some copper leaf on Thai unryu:
It turned out pretty nicely. 

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  1. These are lovely Donna! I especially like how the copper leaf on Thai unryu turned out - can't wait to see what you make with that one!