Thursday, March 24, 2016

Blue Thursday

This week, I finally received the abaca paper yarn AND abaca paper I ordered, from Australia, and England, respectively.  What's so special about abaca?  It's made from a relative of the edible banana plant, and has very strong fibers.  This what your tea bag paper is made from.

The yarn comes in skeins.  It is extremely fine, much finer that I would ever be able to cut for paper cord. 
I dyed part of one skein-
I also dyed the abaca paper, (which only comes in white) painted on gold swishes, and used a sharpie for the quote. This will get folded and cut up later for more paper cord.
Some ceramic dishes I made came out of the kiln, so I added some gold touches and glaze.  I really liked the areas of crazing.  Each dish is only about 3-4" across.  I think I'm going to start selling these little guys.

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