Saturday, December 12, 2015

Ceramic influence

I saw some pieces by Anne Fallis-Elliott, and loved her style. Her work is so refined, unlike my beginner's pieces.  (Google her name, and look at photos.)

So, I made a few small bowls. I did contact her, to  see if she was o.k. with me making more, and she was fine with it.  It's good to ask! You don't want to be browsing around the internet, and see things that look like your artwork, without permission. 

I'm thinking about expanding on the rim sticks, and adding some weaving.  One of the many projects in the future.
This is a terra cotta color clay w/ a clear glaze.  The stick going around is red osier dogwood. I got the design from an old Japanese plastic tray.

(Yes, I know I need a smaller brush for the center.) 
I figure mine looks more like a slice of lotus root.  In any case, I'm o.k. with it.

Here's a small bowl, same clay, with black glaze. That's a cedar root going around the edge.

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