Friday, March 6, 2015


Yesterday I taught a workshop at Art and Soul retreat in Portland. I couldn't find my camera, so here is a pieced together sequence.  I had a small class of 5 lovely ladies, who signed up to learn how to make paper yarn.  They cut Thai unryu to make continuous strips, as I've shown here.
Then we roughed up the paper a bit to prepare it for spinning. (Different sheets of paper.)
Since I met Susan Byrd this summer, and have studied her video, I can now do the pre-spinning part on my woven yoga mat.

 No need for scratched up knuckles from rolling on concrete blocks.  It's not as tight and compact as it should be, but it worked fine for me.

Then you separate the links at the top and bottom to form a long strip.

Spinning can be done on a spinning wheel, bobbin winder, charkha, cord winder, drop spindle, drill, and other devices.  Since no one in the class tried my battery drink mixer, I decided to use it today.
I did not dampen the paper overnight.  Instead, I moistened it with water on my hands while I was spinning.

 Ready to weave!

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