Saturday, November 1, 2014

Woven birds tutorial

Today my friend came over to learn how to make the woven ribbon bird.  We started off with large paper strips for practice.   This is going to be mostly wordless.  I hope you can follow it. 

Cut two strips of heavy paper, 20" by 2 1/4"  Cut down the center, and 1/2 again up, leaving 4 1/2" not cut.

Flip it over to start weaving the belly.  Weave over under on both ends.
                         Bring closer to weave the 2 diamond shapes together.

Take each pointed end on an angle and weave over-under.  See the loose black pieces on the right?  They will follow the pattern of the horizontal white pieces.  You should weave and bring 2 sets of 2 weavers to the front, and 2 to the back end.  (Sorry this is hard to explain.)


forming the head

If you use 2 different colors of paper, it's much to see the pattern on your first bird.  You might even want to use black and white, and follow the same exact steps.

 This is my first attempt with wood veneer paper.  It's o.k., can't say I love it.   Other materials you can use are lauhala and palm leaves, watercolor paper, ribbons, bark, fabric that has been stiffened, anything similar.  This is the product I use. (It's a great way to use leftover fabric.)
There are many videos on youtube.  Here's a good one: 

Good luck!

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