Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Weaving a handbag with dyed lauhala:

I counted six stakes inward from the corner, and started diagonal plaiting.

6 rows woven

dyed lauhala

Repeat at each corner.

Weaving above the twined corners to make the sides.

View of the front.  The large triangle in the middle was woven when I did the plaited square.  Now I have to fill in the gaps on each side.

Filling in the gap (between the middle triangle and the side).

To end the front, I make sure all of the front weavers are on top, facing one direction.  The ones in front are folded down, and plaited back in as far as possible.  This really strengthens the front panel.

I plait them over and under the originals, all the way around the side and to the back.

Then you tuck in the weavers that were in back.  The front part has 3 thicknesses of lauhala.

I continued up the back portion, and then did this finish on the front flap.

Almost done!  I hope to make a lining this summer.  I dyed the leather handle to match it, and the bone tube bead, also.

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