Friday, February 28, 2014

Down memory lane, not in order of completion

 I thought I'd post a few of my Fantasy Figures that I've made over the years.
Below-from an article I wrote for Art Doll Quarterly- She is twined wax linen.  The face bead is by Dana Swisher.
 Summer figure
 Natural Woman is made of NW sedge, iris leaves, assorted grasses, and more.
 Winter Woman w/ birds
 Rain woman- The skirt is a basket covered w/ silk fiber.  The torso is assorted threads, and the face I made from silver clay.
 Cedar Bark Rattle
 Another rattle
 White Raven Shaman
 Raven Shaman
 Another Rain figure
 After the drought...
 Butterfly Man is sedge and wool
 Bird Transformation is one of my earliest figures.  He is sedge with pheasant feathers.
 Kitsune, the Japanese fox that can turn itself into a human shape.  Unfortunately, you can't see the illustration, which shows a kitsune leaving her home, with the human child tugging on her kimono.
 Bird Woman, made of sedge and hemp thread.
 Japanese basket seller, also made of sedge.
 Bird woman and Trekker.  The trekker has a backpack.  This is from the article I wrote.  The Trekker was one of my first woven figures.
 Fox Shamaness-  She is holding a fox mask in her left hand.

closeup of her dress
Bird woman and Trekker featured in Art Doll Quarterly magazine.